CANDY CROC (Pigcasso 2022)

CANDY CROC (Pigcasso 2022)

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A truly rare offering: One of the great Pigcasso artworks - and what a unique dance of rare form and colour it is! There is nothing that has ever been painted that looks like this particular artwork. Spot the green jaws and the pink eye? Of course you do; it's simply impossible not to appreciate the most colourful, creative crocodile ever created on canvas! An extraordinary collection piece for connoisseurs of art made from the world’s most unique artist.

SIZE:  1200 x 950mm

MEDIUM: Acrylic on 300 grams watercolor paper 


Certificate of Authenticity

Original Nose-tip signature 

3D Watermark

Professional photograph of Pigcasso with the Artwork (Sent via email) 

A video of Pigcasso painting the Artwork (Sent Via WhatsApp)

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