GOODIE-GOODIE (Pigcasso 2020)

GOODIE-GOODIE (Pigcasso 2020)

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GO PIGCASSO! Pigcasso makes a statement on an unusual topic this time- dedicating this one to all the whistleblowers who reported poor old dog walkers during the Lockdown (Corona Virus). Pigcasso wished they'd read their good old vegan Recipe book instead of sending police after dog and animals lovers looking for some fresh air (and practicing social distancing!) CASING POINT to interpret the artwork: Black strokes depict a face. red signature is actually the mouth on side price, white Halo above the black head (Goodie Goodie) and face wears a blue shirt!) Ah yes, you see it!

SIZE:  1300 x 770mm

MEDIUM: Acrylic on 300 grams watercolor paper 


Certificate of Authenticity

Original Nose-tip signature (Black smudge bottom right) 

Video of Pigcasso painting the Masterpiece

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