ANDY WARTHOG! | New Release - Invest in art history.

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OINK! A ‘Pork-Provoking Journey on Our Love for Food, Animals and Global Warnings’  is the groundbreaking exhibition that will be going global later this year. 
From London. Ham'burg. New York and beyond - 
this unprecedented initiative will showcase the extraordinary 
‘pork-traits’ of Pigcasso, aiming to inspire an awakened connection 
between our food, animals and climate change. In order to fund this historic initiative, 177 Single Edition Prints  have been released.
The ‘ANDY WARTHOG’ Single Edition Prints are large, bold and bright – just like the subject, herself. Each one has an original nose-tip signature by Pigcasso and is counter-signed and numbered by Farm Sanctuary SA director Joanne Lefson. Included with the $1000 investment price (850EURO / ZAR15 000), a Certificate of Authenticity, 3-D watermark and a numbered photographic image of Pigcasso with the artwork. You will also receive a copy of the exhibition catalogue once printed. You also have the opportunity to select the number of your print. This is offered to existing purchasers of Pigcasso’s artworks for a limited time only.

SIZE: 800mm x 800mm
MEDIUM: Textured 200gsm watercolour paper. Black ink original nose-tip signature

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